Thursday, 15 October 2009


I've not sat down and begrudgingly churned out any staid and tired prose in a while, and usually I'm quite good at that. What have I been doing? Sleeping pal, I've been sleeping.

More specifically I've been dreaming excessively of late, and like most dreams when I first started to recall them a few weeks ago they'd be full of weird shit - phones made of toffee, celebrities declaring their undying love for me but then it turns out they're actually my sister - y'know normal well adjusted dreams like that, but they've now begun to slide into something much more mundane, they're becoming an alternate life.

Last week I dreamt I was having a meeting with a work pal of mine, and he invited me round his house to talk about throwing some ideas together into a new writing project. He made some tea, we had some sandwhiches (ham salad - I even recall thinking they tasted nice) and he showed me his new hat.

Fuckin' boring eh?

In another dream I have entered into a relationship with this woman I barely know, I'm dimly aware that its a mistake to get mixed up with her but she's very persuavsive, probably because she's a fiction created by my mind and she knows how to push my buttons.

The strangest thing is the continuity to each of the dreams, they may happen on different nights but people remember me and talk about others who have shown up in nights previous. The woman, sorry, my girlfriend, is giving me hassle about some other girl I was talking to outside a bar the other night and I'm worried about falling asleep tonight since I just know shes going to end up pregnant or something (technically I'd be the father and the mother wouldn't I?)

Are you worried about me boys? Ach, I'm grand though really, it's just a case of too many late nights and -

Tch, typical, I'm yawning again, that'll be her, the missus, trying to get me asleep, I've got to go then, face the music - If I don't see you then I'll probably be in a self induced coma. Here - wish me luck pal!

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