Thursday, 24 September 2009


D'ya remember Teletext? Did you read Digistiser? Planet Sound? Mega-Zine? Good for you, you're my pal. I once had a letter published on Digitiser, it was my proudest moment as a spotty teen and has now led to me helping make Leftovers every four months in some sadistic punishing cycle wherein I try and recapture my youth.

Teletext and Ceefax were real pioneers back then in my nostalgia addled mind. Aye, that's was where it was at for us kids back before we even knew what 56k modems were.

Teletext/Ceefax isn't gone yet, but it will be. Soon enough the Beeb are pulling the plug on us.

Ach, d'ya remember coming home pished aged 16 and trying to find porn on Ceefax at 5 in the morning?

You don't?

Well now you do:

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  1. aaaahaha epic!! :D i used to try to do the quizzes and read the jokes but i could never find the "reveal" button on the remote to show the answers / punchlines :(

    good times!